Staking Amount


Staking Time

5 Days

Referral Rewards


Daily Rewards


Total Rewards


Payout Rewards

Every 24 Hours

Capital Back



Unlimited supply per account per day.

1.Acquisition Policies

Before Making A Purchase, Kindly Review The Package Details Thoroughly. Should You Have Any Inquiries About The Package, Feel Free To Reach Out To Our 24-Hour Online Customer Service. Once An Order Is Confirmed, It Undergoes A Review Process, And Unfortunately, We Cannot Offer Refunds Thereafter. Thank You For Your Understanding.

2.Settlement Of The Transaction

Staking Profits Will Be Automatically Credited To Your Balance Every 24 Hours Based On The Fixed Interest Rate Provided By The System.

3.Staking Mining Profit Output

Funds Can Be Directed To A "Personal Wallet Address," Which Serves As A Platform-Independent Destination. Profits Generated From Staking Mining Activities Will Be Directly Deposited Into The Designated Wallet Address Without Intermediary Involvement From The Platform. Typically, A Minimum Operating Threshold Applies To Staking Mining Activities.

4.Termination Of Agreement

Upon Completion Of The Contract, The Initial Investment Capital Will Be Automatically Returned To Your Account. Furthermore, Please Note That The Contract Will Conclude Automatically Upon Its Expiration. Early Termination Does Not Qualify For A Refund. We Appreciate Your Understanding In This Matter.


StakingFarm Will Not Be Responsible For Any Results That Arise From Uncontrollable Risks, Including But Not Limited To Natural Disasters Such As Floods, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, Landslides, Fires, Storms, Other Unforeseen Or Higher Risk Weather Events, Government Actions Or Directives, City-Level Grid Power Supply Incidents As Well As Social Actions Or Conflicts Such As War, Strikes, Riots, Etc.